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Cell Phone Initiative.   An email earlier this month announced that the FPLA will prioritize improved cell phone coverage on and around the lake. We have added a simple way for you to show you agree that better cell phone coverage is an important safety concern for our members.  Please take a moment to sign the online petition, which we will present to town and local officials when we have sufficient signatories.   The link to the petition is  When the petition web site asks you to contribute financially, feel free to decline.  The petition site will also ask you if you would like to share with anyone.  We encourage you to forward the petition to family and friends.  The more signatures we can gather, the more impact the petition will have so please pass it along!

The FPLA website also provides important information on contacting government agencies and local influencers directly regarding cell coverage on and around the lake.  Last year the FPLA started a formal letter writing campaign and we will continue to press our concerns.  With that said, individual participation is essential for our campaign to succeed so please assist us in this important cause.  Please keep an eye out for other future requests for your participation in getting better cell phone service on and around the lake.  To contribute to the cause, please log onto the FPLA website and visit the Cell-Service Campaign page at:

The Franklin Pierce Lake Association is now a registered 501c3 charitable organization!!

Effective May 30, 2022 the FPLA has received approval from the IRS and is now an official 501c3 organization. 

That means we will no longer be required to pay income taxes on our annual income, a savings of approximately $650-$750 per year.  Additionally, all donations, gifts and bequests to the FPLA for which you receive no financial benefit in return are tax deductible under IRS rules and regulations.  Since members receive no financial benefit (but many indirect benefits such as a very clean and beautiful lake!) from the annual $25 membership, your annual membership dues are tax deductible as well.  Please think of the FPLA when you are considering where to make your charitable donations!! Click on the link for the IRS letter for your taxes  FPLA IRS 501c3 Determination Letter (2).pdf

August 13, 2022 9AM - Annual Meeting

Manahan Pavilion



Head to Manahan Beach Saturday March 5, 2022 from Noon to Dusk

One of our FPLA members, Sophie Sanders, will be demonstrating her “sand art” on the snowy surface of our lake this coming Saturday.

Sophie will be working on the lake around Manahan Beach area and if you want to see her in action she should be on the lake around noon. 

At dusk (5:30 ish) she will be lighting tea lights to highlight the art.   Such art is temporary and the lights and “art” will be cleaned up afterwards.

Hope you all have a chance to meet Sophie and enjoy her work.


WMUR NH Chronicle is filming from Franklin Pierce Lake to highlight ice fishing and the bob houses on Franklin Pierce Lake from

2-21-2022 - 02-25-2022.  View on your local WMUR channel or click HERE to stream the nightly shows at 7PM.

01-06-2022 - UPDATE - Antrim Town Zoning Amendment Shoreland Protection Zoom Meeting Tonight 7:00PM


7:00PM Thursday, January 6, 2022

Public Meeting

Virtual Meeting Information for Zoom due to COVID-19

Login Information for Zoom if using mobile app or computer:

Meeting ID #: 625-958-9117

Password: 8TYTXP

Login Information for Zoom if dialing in by phone:

Dial in By Phone: 1-646-558-8656

Password: 453262

Direct Link for Web:

11-28-2021  Attached is the draft of an Antrim Town Zoning Amendment related to Shoreland Protection.  There are two planned meetings in December; a Planning Board Meeting for Thursday December 2nd at the Antrim Town Hall, 7-9 pm and a public hearing scheduled for December 16th.  Once finalized by the Planning Board this would be voted on at the next annual Town Meeting. 

A prominent feature of this amendment is to allow use between 50 and 100 ft. (a change of the minimum construction setbacks to the waterline from 100 ft. to 50 ft; section H, item 3).  Section M provides further information related to “Nonconforming Structures”.

For your information the Hillsboro setback is 75 ft.  Antrim Shoreland Protection Amendment 11-27-2021.pdf


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