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Franklin Pierce 

Lake association

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Franklin Pierce Lake Association is part of the NH DOT Sponsor A Highway program.

Volunteers pick up trash four times a year on our designated section of Route 9, starting at Elm Avenue in Antrim and ending just past Marina Road in Hillsborough.  The pickups are typically scheduled in April, June, August, and October.

The first pickup in spring yields the most trash, typically up to 40 bags, and takes about 3 hours. Subsequent pickups take approximately 1 hour and net 20 to 30 bags of trash. We find all kinds of interesting items, including hubcaps, tires and other car parts, clothes, and many, many bottle and cans.

Look for announcements in the Events section of our website about upcoming pickup days.


PO Box 1836

Hillsborough, NH 03244


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