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Franklin Pierce

Lake Association

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What is FPLA?

The Franklin Pierce Lake Association (FPLA) was established in 2009 to support the environmental health of Franklin Pierce Lake and to promote community among property owners and friends of the lake.

Become a member

  • Receive the FPLA newsletter, emailed to you approximately once per month, with updates and lake news.
  • Get email notification of special or urgent lake news, such as changing lake levels.
  • Join the FPLA Facebook Group.
  • Meet other residents and friends of the lake. Attend FPLA member events such as the annual potluck dinner, boat parade, boat-in concert, and annual meeting.
  • Support the lake hosts, who work at the boat ramp to educate boaters and inspect boats for invasive species, preventing the spread of plants such as milfoil, which can quickly spoil a lake and decrease property values.
  • Support water testing, weed watchers, and other efforts to maintain the environmental health of the lake.

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PO Box 1836

Hillsborough, NH 03244

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